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EID MUBARAK 2022🌙 - 💎Rich Cats Nation🐈 - Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2022🌙 - Exclusive Merchandise✨ - EID MUBARAK 2022🌙 - 💎Rich Cats Nation🐈 - Exclusive Merchandise✨

Sampul Raya RCN 2022

5 Reviews

1,000 RCNT0.035 BNB

  • Exclusive Sampul Raya by Rich Cats Nation. (10 units/pack)
    Sleek & elegant sampul raya especially curated to impress your friends & family.
    Mint ERC1155 NFT with every purchase.

10x units/pack
Tuck-in slit pocket
Premium Linen Paper 140gsm
Mint ERC1155 NFT on Mintverse (extended NFT collection for RCN merchandises & airdrops)
Exclusive merchandise by Rich Cats Nation

1 -3 days within Malaysia
Collection around KL during April 2022.
Further info in discord.


Random 'golden ticket' in a few of those sampul raya😺
Stand a chance to win giveaways of RCNT, Whitelist, stickers and random merch surprises!